Franciacorta Brut sparkling wine

This Franciacorta, produced in the Clusane area of ​​Iseo
near the homonymous lake, is made from 90% Chardonnay grapes
and Pinot Nero for the remaining 10%.

The only drink competing with a good coffee is an excellent wine

The grapes, hand harvested, are placed whole in the press
and pressed gently in order to reach 60% yield,
that is you can extract 60 liters of Flower must from 100 kg of grapes.

This must, after a spontaneous 36 hour long clarification, is praised and fermented. It remains on the fermentation yeasts until spring, stored at a temperature of 10 degrees to prevent malolactic fermentation.
The liqueur, made with the same wine kept in barrique and sugar to bring the sugary value of around 5 grams/liter is added to the disgorgement.
Donnelis Brut is characterized by its clear and crystalline scent, with vanilla and cream hints.
It is full on the palate, harmonious with the right balance between the acid and the sweet parts.
An ideal brut as an aperitif, which gives its best during meals.
It is highly recommended to serve it at a temperature not exceeding 8 degrees.

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