The word coffee brings memories of places and people with it.
It is a sound that evokes a world and a culture, but also flavour, history, commitment and dedication.
One word to say what coffee must be for us: simply good.
We have been giving you a top quality product for sixty years: the father then and Merlins’ children today continue to work with dedication and attention.


High quality Italian espresso.

The scent of coffee has been part of our family since the sixties, when Oddene Merlin, founder of the company later, worked as a representative in the coffee branch. His recipe, his company and his brand were born from the passion for a product that is part of the tradition of Italy itself and that is part of the daily routine of each of us. Brao Caffè was born in 1987. The following year Mrs. Rose was born, after months of intense research to find the perfect mixture and a very high quality coffee, with strong personality.

Over the years, also thanks to the support of the Triveneto Treviso coffee roasting group, which thanks to an ancient tradition ensures rigorous control over each blend, we have seen our market and our goals grow. One of these goals was to be able to boast the coveted title of “quality Italian espresso”, certified by the chemical laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce in Trieste.
Mokamo, which has in its name the flavor of Moka coffee and our founder Merlin Odden’s initials, nowadays is one of the most common and appreciated coffees throughout Trentino and abroad, without changing our mission over time: care , attention, assistance and high quality.

Coffee processing

Roasting, a slightly alchemical and a little magical procedure, the result of wise skill, is the fundamental step to enjoy an excellent coffee.
It generally takes place in the same country of distribution, because of the delicacy of the product, which can be kept for a limited time after the procedure.

The mature beans, after being dusted, washed, carefully selected and dried, are slowly cooked at constant temperature. It takes little to ruin even the best mixtures. If roasting takes place correctly, the structure of the grain is transformed: it takes on the characteristic dark brown color, it becomes crumbly and increases in volume while decreasing in weight.
It is then that coffee has acquired its rich and enveloping aroma and is ready to be enjoyed.

Did you know that …?
To obtain its palpable, velvety, harmonious, good taste, there is a kind of trick? The perfect espresso has a hazelnut cream so much consistent as to hold the weight of sugar, which is obtained only by careful grinding. The ground powder must be impalpable, not too thin but not even more than a millimeter in diameter. The machine, even in domestic preparation, must heat the water at 90 ° with 9 pressure atmospheres and must be carefully clean and checked time at a time.

Consulting and assistance

Since the foundation, we have chosen to entertain a personal and exclusive relationship with our customers, in order to ensure each other an excellent continuous assistance in the machine maintenance and in the best coffee supply.

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Our lines

The Mokamo coffee lines, Brao Caffè and Mrs. Rose are the result of experiments and attempts to find the right balance between the different mixtures of Arabic and robust coffee.
We have chosen the best coffees around the world, you choose your mood.


We decided to involve professionals and fans of black gold to spread the knowledge of the world of coffee, in order to appreciate its characteristics and peculiarities.
Do you want to learn how to make a perfect espresso?