FAP compatible capsules

42.35 iva incl.

The capsules available in packs of 100 pieces, are compatible with various types of coffee machines and are the most practical and faster way to taste a good coffee, at home or at office, instead of at bar.


The FAP Mrs Rose capsules are pre-packaged doses of ground coffee that allow you to make a good coffee, at home, at the office, as the bar, thanks to coffee machines compatible with them. The coffee dose, equal to about 7 grams, is contained in a small PVC container, pressed and then tightly tightened for a perfect conservation of the product. The success of the Fap Mrs Rose capsules is proof of the aroma, taste, perfect body and the excellence of this company. Mokamo is a company in continuous and constant search for the best coffee producers throughout the world in order to give some coffee which makes you sigh of ecstasy on the first sip.
The roasting and packaging of the FAP capsules in all cases is in our country, for safety and for a perfect conservation of the product that, once treated, should be immediately sealed


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