Coffee pods

59.40 iva incl.

The coffee pods are single-serving rice paper containers containing 6 grams of ground and pressed coffee that are used with specific compatible machines.
Mrs. Rose Coffee pods of 150 pieces for a preparation like at the bar

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Mrs. Rose, as you can also see from the package, is a coffee for lovers of refined, polished, delicate things. Mokamo created this brand to classify its range of various types of products (capsule, pods, grains, ground coffee) characterized by being 100% made up of Arabica coffee. Mokamo has selected six types of Arabic coffee from the best plantations in the world, choosing them between Central-South America and Ethiopia, to create a unique and unmistakable mixture. Those who try this brand of Mokamo and taste the essentiality of coffee, fall in love with it forever!

The Arabian coffee beans used in Mrs. Rose are clear and elongated and today they are considered the most valuable ones. This type of coffee is aromatic, soft and delicate on the palate, sweet but at the same time acidic and has a particular fruity and cocoa aftertaste that makes it special. The scent of this coffee persists for a long time prolonging the pleasure of the moment to the bitter end. The low percentage of caffeine contained in Arabics allows you to enjoy the pleasure of coffee in complete tranquility any time it comes to it.


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