Brao NESPRESSO® compatible capsules

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Mixture of selected Arabic and robust coffee.
It is characterized by a full body, aromatic taste and prolonged stay with chocolate hints.
Compatible with Machines for domestic use with NESPRESSO® brand.
Packaging: 10pz

Capsules compatible with *Nespresso® brand machines

Out of stock


*Nespresso ® and *Nescafé ® *Dolce Gusto ® are registered trademarks of Societè des Produits Nestlè ® S.A. MokaMO Srl is an independent producer not connected to the Societè des Produits Nestlè ® S.A. The compatibility of the MokaMO | capsules Mrs. Rose | BraoCaffé is functional for use with Nespresso ® – Nescafé ® Dolce Gusto ® coffee machines for domestic use.

**The coffee machines are shown only as an example, to show the compatibility of the capsules produced by MokaMO srl. All names and trademarks mentioned for this purpose belong to their legitimate owners and have been used for explanatory purposes only.


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