Red Quality Pretty Aroma

3.66 iva incl.

Red quality ground coffee. Mokamo is the line designed and produced for great coffee lovers; the good one, to be enjoyed to the last sip!
Product preparation: Home Espresso, Moka
Product guarantee: pre-pressure, separate roasting, slow roasting
Packaging: 250gr

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For those who prefer moka coffee or have a coffee machine that requires the use of dust, Mokamo offers different types of ground coffee for all tastes. With attention and dedication, our operators select the best coffee plantations across the globe and import the drupes to Italy, to work them here in complete safety to guarantee their perfect conservation. At a trusted roasting, the beans are treated and then ground with the latest generation machinery to obtain perfect granulometry, the right one for a good coffee.
Since ground coffee is a very delicate product (it can be ruined within 2 hours!), following the various procedures of its processing it is essential to obtain a quality powder and Mokamo knows it very well. This is why you work every day to ensure that coffee keeps the aroma, taste, the flavor that you appreciates so much!


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